Pharmacology Professors` Award

A passport to the entire World!

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Investments in innovativeness, research and quality of Polish dietary supplements now start to bear fruit. Preparations are developed which perfectly make up deficiencies in everyday diet and are exported all the more frequently.

Bearing in mind dietary supplements which are to be sold abroad, from this year on we are introducing an English, registered (patent no. PPA R.288311) mark “Pharmacology Professors’ Award”. This is a passport to the entire world!

It is for ten years now that the Pharmacology Professors` Award has been given to dietary supplements voluntarily submitted for assessment to the Experts who assess their quality and nutritional or physiological values. The mark “Pharmacology Professors’ Award” may be given only to products which gain 100% of positive Experts’ assessments. We are committed to the principle of unanimity, as the ingredients and quality of a preparation cannot raise a slightest doubt.

Assessment criteria:
1. Compliance of the ingredients and presentation of a preparation with the assumed definition of pro-health food.
2. Supplementation of such components in which a typical Polish diet is low.
3. Adjustment of the preparation to the needs of particular consumer groups.
4. Assessment of information placed in the leaflet and on the packaging in terms of reliability and accessibility.
5. Presence of warnings against overdosing and eventual interactions with other preparations taken and other food.
6. Assessment of innovative ingredients and/or form of the product.
7. Consistence of the production and certification of the preparation with the requirements of the EHPM Quality Guide and GMP.
8. Particular nutritional and pro-health values which distinguish the preparation from other products.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not disclose the list of supplements which were not granted the distinction—the very fact that they have been voluntarily submitted for verification to scientists proves producer’s positive intentions and its need to submit itself to independent Expert assessment.

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